My List…

Happiness is free, a choice, and if you don’t have it nothing else is worth anything.

Naturally, women are care takers by nature & often, we will take on the weight of the world at the expense of ourselves. There are a few things I do my best to live by & in the past few weeks I have had to remind myself about the little thing called Balance!

Here is my “list”

Put yourself First. Take care of your health. I’m not obsessive about eating right & working out, but it definetly is something when I slip off I feel on every ounce of my body. & it’s okay to say “no” or “next week”.

Look Good. If you look good, you feel good. Fact! The better (especially a) woman feels about her appearance the more productive she is. Nothing can make a day worst then looking as bad as you feel.

Music. It has power in your life. I encourage listening/dancing to music regularly, but not crap that is about heart break and bullshit! Music is also an excellent way to change your mood… feeling gloomy? Put on something that makes you feel good, dance around, and get the hell over it!

Fresh Flowers. I endorse buying yourself flowers just because. They are alive and beautiful, like you should be! Life is short surround yourself with blooming things!

Fresh People. You should spend time with people who are headed the same direction you are. Misery loves company and nobody is saying, “Let’s invite Debbie Downer out” or excited when DD is calling. The only good DD is a boob size! And those can be real or fake… but not your friends! I don’t care how long you’ve been friends with DD, trust me she/they will find someone else to complain to religeousely. 

Treats. Despite your financial situation, treat yourself. Whether it’s a Latte, Shoes, Dinner & Desert, Dress you have no idea where in the hell you will ever wear it, Bubble Bath & Wine,Massage, Calling in to work (responsibly), Etc… You deserve to indulge in nothing but yourself, at least occasionally!

Organization. Ugh!! Believe me, I know! Clutter is a direct reflection of how chaotic or unmanaged your life is. Make your bed! Vaccum out your car! Avoid every room having a designated junk area! Your home should be your sanctuary and it should be inviting if others come over or for the people that share your space… Shame on you for having people over if your home is a complete mess! Truly it’s important because it gives your life clarity and ability to sit down in peace… It is deeper then appearance. Besides, no matter how far we have come as women, Men notice more then you think ladies… Take Pride!

Mood Swings. Lets face it ladies, nothing even has to happen for us to switch up. I’m not even sure how they diagnose Bipolar… Every woman I know, IS! We often take out our emotions on the people we are closest to (not because they are around the most) but for trust purposes. We know how to keep it together situation pending. & Relationships, whether it’s with your kids, boyfriend, friends, family, etc… Take a moment every once in a while and listen to yourself.  Effective Communication is crucial in every relationship.

Appreciate Yourself. I’m one of those do it for yourself type of women. Clingy and unreliable is the ugliest thing a woman can be. So make sure, you remember that you are important & deserve to show yourself gratitude for all the hard work you put into having a good life. It’s not about being conceited or entitled, but others treat you how you treat yourself… Not how you treat them.


I’m sure there are many women out there that feel this way….

Put your husband, kids before yourself. Looks aren’t everything. You don’t know what I’ve been thru. I have trust issues. If I had time to clean & stay organized I would. You don’t have kids to tell me I should be organized. Flowers are a waste of money. I’m a bitch and people can either love it or hate it. I’m not going to stop being someones friend just because their life isn’t positive.

And you are the kind of bitch I prefer to stay the hell away from!


Rihanna Horror Picture Show


Okay.. so the title  is a little harsh, but after  seeing BeatFreeks post yesterday about Rihanna’s video  (which I  had mixed  feelings  about) I think it’s necessary to put her on the Call Out list and say, REALLY? what the fuck  is going on  with you  lately? are  you on drugs?!! It must be that hollywood shit we  don’t have  access to in  the midwest  because  during NONE of my experimental days did I ever get  so  out of  my mind to  feel like  this look  is in  any  way excusable! I  like bold and  edgy…  Realistically this is scary and  horrifiying! None  of it is  okay… not even the  necklaces.  Let’s get  down to the  worst part  (no, not that stupid facial  expression  she  is  making on the left) It  looks  like her and  80s Madonna got  in a  fight with  Edward Scissor Hands  (excellent movie, horrible modern day representation of his work) I’m aware  she  isn’t  trying  to  be glamorous  and elegant, stage or  not…  I’m embarassed for her! It’s like she’ll go  back to looking edgy femme and hot for  a photoshoot, part  of a  video, etc. and then BAM! she reverts  back  to  looking like  she was rescued  from  her burning house and in no decade has this been  a trend. Sometimes  even the Stars  need  to  come  down off the Clouds!

Remember this Rihanna?  Hot!!Bring her  back!

I hate to  bring  it up… but  is this what  you’re still dealing with inside? We all  have our issues!!

Chris Brown Shame on You!

Black & White Admiration

Since its Valentine’s Day (one  of my favorite holidays  due to  the  fact  that I’m ultra girly and  adore things that  I can  adore) I decided  to  make a post on some of my personal admirations….

I  do LOVE PINK, but my obsession  with being drawn to things in  black  & white is what I’m going  to share  with you today… 

From photography, interior design, clothing, handbags, etc… something about the pop of basics is my forever go to  combination  that  always makes sense. It  is classy, simple, elegant, yet bold and fierce!! Now that spring  is around the  corner and I’ve exhausted  decorating and dressing  in black and white (my room  and store are painted and decorated and  I happen to  be  a  walking chameleon most of  the time  to  the both)  I am really beginning to think I  want  to  throw my entire  wardrobe out and repaint (at  least  my bedroom) more  blush  and neutral colors  and incorporate  some  of them  into my  everyday wear… the brights aren’t  my personality every day & I need a little more umph  then  just blacks/whites & frankly I’m getting older  (pushing 23  next month I  make it sound  like  I’m 28!) but  I am in that not teenie bopper but not  quite “mature” older  woman era  yet  (not that I ever plan  on shopping at Christopher & Banks no matter how  old  and wrinkly  I  could become) it’s  things to think about  so coming soon  I will dive  into some of my ideas  about  a  new little transition!! Happy  Valentine’s Day!! 🙂  xoxo

the dresser.

the dress.

the clutch.

the bed.

the photoshoot.

I’m officially a Blogger…

Thanks to my amazing best friend, I’ve officially decided to launch my very  own blog (I’ve been following blogs  religiously on  the sidelines  for quite some time & since our entire lives are having to be connected  via  technology this is a better  way for us to keep in  touch  and update each  other on every fabulous and not so  fabulous thing in the world  we  find that we must share).

I’m a big hearted  bitch (full of opinion, but typically with a positive attitude) that is enfactuated with the art of fashion (not to  be confused with a label and a heavy price tag solely)  and anything that brings life and beauty to this world…  I’m  a sucker for. I’m all about   Edgy & Femme and pushing  the envelope in  life, so that is basically what you will get  from my blog…  Enjoy!